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Expert Medical School Admission Consulting and Post-Bac Program Admission Consulting

The medical school application process is expensive. Why spend additional dollars on a medical school admissions consultant? After all of your hard work preparing for a career in medicine, maximize your chances of getting into medical school by seeking expert guidance and advice.

You may already have met with the premedical advisor at your undergraduate institution. Advisors are hard working and knowledgeable professionals. But many of them have heavy workloads; they may juggle teaching responsibilities with advising, or they may have far too many advisees to have the luxury of spending ample time with you. That’s where my services become valuable in your quest to get into medical school or a post-baccalaureate premedical program. To meet your needs I provide comprehensive medical school admissions consulting, including the following:

  • In-depth strategy sessions for devising the most compelling preparation for medical school and an outstanding application, reflecting the arc of your path to medicine
  • Timeline development for premedical coursework, clinical work, research, community service, the MCAT, and letters of evaluation
  • School list consultation to help you devise the most comprehensive and thoughtful list of medical schools to which you apply
  • Medical school application personal statement consulting, providing insight and structural commentary
  • AMCAS activity description reviews, to ensure excellence and to best reflect your past history
  • Secondary application essay reviews to help you present your best self
  • Medical school interview preparation through mock interviews to provide outstanding preparation for a range of interview styles and techniques
  • Letters of intent advising and assistance
  • School selection: you're in! now what? Students admitted to a range of schools may need help deciding which school is the best fit
  • Expert guidance for nontraditional and post-baccalaureate students:  extensive experience with post-bacs gives me unique expertise to help you apply to and select the right post-bac program and/or in your application to medical school

I encourage you to contact me to find out how I can help you. Please use the contact form to describe your particular situation or email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask any questions you have about the services I offer and how I can help you.