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The cost of applying to medical school is expensive. Primary and secondary applications, along with the expense of traveling to and from interviews, add up to a significant sum of money usually running in the thousands of dollars. One way … Continue reading

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Prospective medical school applicants often ask me whether a certain college major will curry favor with admission committees.  I advise students to choose a major based on their genuine interest. You don’t have to major in the sciences to be … Continue reading

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Paying for medical school is costly but there are scholarships and loan repayment programs to help students defray the cost. Some schools offer merit aid, such as the University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt, Washington University, the University of Michigan, Mayo, UCLA, and Emory. Applicants … Continue reading

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Medical school applicants often ask me whether they should write a letter of interest.  If applicants haven’t heard from schools they get anxious. Waiting to hear from medical schools is difficult. The question arises as to whether writing a letter … Continue reading

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As the former director of the Johns Hopkins and Goucher Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Programs and with 25+ years of experience advising students, I have deep knowledge regarding post-baccalaureate premedical education. I published an article in Premed Life Magazine (starting on page … Continue reading

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Congratulations!  You’ve landed the interview!  What’s the best way to prepare for a medical school interview? You should practice. At the very least, you should review common questions and think about how you would answer them. Then you should PRACTICE answering … Continue reading

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The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is an interview format spreading with increasing frequency in US medical schools. Started in 2001 at McMaster University in Canada, the MMI has caught on due to studies which have validated its use in predicting … Continue reading

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The Multiple Mini Interview format is spreading rapidly among US medical schools. Here is a list of MD schools using MMI in the 2019-2020 application cycle. “Hybrid” means a combination of a traditional interview with MMI stations and sometimes a group … Continue reading

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              Does studying art enhance your observation skills as a physician, thereby allowing you to pick up subtle signs of illness? In recent years, there has been a general acknowledgment that studying art–and fine-tuning … Continue reading

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Gaining admission to medical school in the United States is challenging for non-US citizens, as described in another blog post. Not all schools admit international applicants. As of this writing, these MD schools admit non-citizens: Boston University School of Medicine … Continue reading

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