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Mt. Sinai’s FlexMed

Mt. Sinai has abolished the MCAT requirement for half of its entering class under a program called “FlexMed.”  While Mt. Sinai has had a similar program in place for a number of years, titled the “Humanities and Medicine Early Acceptance Program,” the medical school has expanded the program to half of the class and changed its name to “FlexMed.” Students in the Mt. Sinai FlexMed Program are unencumbered by the typical premedical courses in college, and they apply to the medical school as sophomores.
While in college, they will focus on disciplines that are now deemed more relevant to success in medicine: humanities/social sciences, biostatistics, ethics, health policy, computational science/engineering, and public health. In addition, the students will be encouraged to study Spanish and Chinese.

Mt. Sinai is a strong leader in medical education for taking this stand. FlexMed gives students the freedom to explore a range of courses and gain experiences that will hopefully hone the core competencies that are judged to be most relevant for success in medicine.

–Liza Thompson, Expert Medical School Admissions Consulting 

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