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Applications to Osteopathic Schools Increase…Again


Applications to the nation’s osteopathic schools have increased again this year. In fact, since 2002 applications to DO schools have increased steadily; there were approximately 7,000 applicants to DO schools in 2002 and by 2012 that number had nearly doubled. Since 2012 applications have continued to rise.

As a result it has become more competitive to gain entry to DO schools and the GPAs and MCAT scores of accepted applicants have gone up in the last 10 years. For the most recent year in which data is available (the 2013 entering class) the average cumulative GPA of DO school matriculants was 3.5 while the median MCAT score was 27. (For more details read the AACOM’s report here.)

Enrollments in DO schools increased by 6.7% from 2013 to 2014. Part of this increase is due to new DO schools and branches which have opened. Much has been reported in the press about osteopathic school graduates fulfilling a dire need for more primary care physicians. According to the most recently available survey of graduating DO students, 32% intend to pursue primary care while one-third of DO graduates also state that they intend to practice in underserved areas.

–Liza Thompson, Expert Medical School Admissions Consulting

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