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House Calls Returning

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House calls seem to be making a comeback in the medical profession. Lately there have been several articles and videos across media platforms vaunting the return of the house call as a way to both control healthcare costs and provide better care. A recent article in the New York Times declared that “House Calls Are Making a Comeback.”  And a video from a news organization features the advent of house calls in Ohio. NBC nightly news also featured a recent segment on house calls, as did Time. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel also weighed in about the return of the house call. A doctor who loves making house calls describes what she does and helps readers understand why she has woven them into her practice.  The Washington Post recently had an article by a doctor who reminisces about the house calls he made in the past. And finally, a news report from Albany, New York describes the difference house calls can make in the lives of elderly patients. Future physicians should keep this in mind as a possible new model of care.

–Liza Thompson, Expert Medical School Admissions Consulting

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