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Should You Get Medical School Admissions Consulting?

Prospective medical school applicants might wonder whether they should use a medical school admissions consultant to help them in the medical school application process. There are many reasons why it might be helpful to get medical school admissions consulting.

First and foremost, you should meet with the premedical advisor(s) at your college or university. They will know the curriculum at your school and can advise as to the premedical requirements and how courses at your school will fulfill them; often this information will be listed on the office’s premed advising website.

However, premedical advisors may not have time to advise you on each particular component of the actual medical school application process. This includes:

  • making a cogent list of schools to apply to;
  • brainstorming ideas for and finessing your personal statement so that it captures your path to medicine;
  • reviewing your personal statement IN DETAIL so that the final product is stellar—the personal statement is the centerpiece of your application;
  • helping guide you in writing the best possible descriptions of your activities in the primary application;
  • advising as to the strengths/weaknesses in your application and how to rectify any weaknesses;
  • advising on MCAT strategy/preparation;
  • reviewing secondary application essays–secondaries are as important as the primary application!
  • preparing for interviews by doing mock sessions;
  • discussing pros/cons of various schools post-interview;
  • reviewing any communication with schools;
  • advising as to waitlists/holds;
  • advising regarding update letters/letters of interest/letters of intent.

Medical school admissions consultants can be enormously helpful. If you’d like to discuss your situation or want to ask about any of the ways in which I could assist you please send me an email at

–Liza Thompson, Expert Medical School Admissions Consultant

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